PLANNING AN AT-HOME RECEPTION - written by Ellen Lieberman

Holding your wedding reception at home ensures an intimate and unique event. But there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind, such as renting silverware for 100 and maybe even an extra bathroom. A few tips from Matenopoulos's L.A. wedding planner, Julie Pryor of Pryor Events:

Know that a home wedding often costs more than a hotel wedding. "You need to rent everything, from tables and chairs to china and glassware," Pryor says. "And don't forget trash removal, ice, liquor and lighting." Erecting a catering tent can also increase costs. "I usually build a kitchen onsite rather than using the existing one, because most people's kitchens don't have enough space," Pryor says.

Have a foul-weather plan. "Always have a backup location if the ceremony and reception are to be held outdoors," she says. "I reserve tents for outdoor events. Another option, if you have room, is to move your furniture out of your home and have the event inside."

Consider extra restrooms. "If you are expecting more than 50 guests, you may need to rent bathrooms," Pryor says. Don't want barebones Porta-johns? "Some companies have rental bathrooms with marble floors and artwork on the walls," she notes.

Shut down the irrigation system. "Make sure you stop watering the lawn at least two days before the wedding," she advises. "You don't want wet, soggy turf. Equipment can get damaged, heels sink in... it's not a good idea."

Avoid run-ins with neighbors (and police). "Check with your local police and fire departments to see if you need permits for tents, music or parking," Pryor says. "Send a note, possibly with a small gift, to neighbors, letting them know you're having a wedding. Include your number so they can call you rather than the police if they have complaints.